Investment Philosophy

The Investment Philosophy at Landmark Capital is driven by identifying sectors which are positively impacted by growth in the country, changing consumption patterns, shifting demographic profile, urbanization and globalization of local economies.

Landmark Capital will focus on identifying opportunities that offer attractive long term returns to the Investor, concurrently adopting a reasonably conservative and defensive strategy while making investment decisions.

Landmark Capital is being positioned as an active investor, taking on an operational role wherever it invests. Each investment decision will be driven by research and market knowledge rather than "going where everyone is going". Risk Analysis will be the backbone of all our investment decisions.

Investment STRATEGY

Landmark Capital will capitalise on its experience and expertise to identify new and growing sectors which will enable its clients to enjoy superior risk adjusted returns.

We have already identified some areas such as warehousing, student housing affordable housing, co-living etc.. which will offer interesting investment avenues to informed investors. The experience and relationships that the key employees have translates into unique investment opportunities which can be capitalised.

Majority of the funds will be invested in top tier cities like Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore and Chennai. Tier II and Tier III cities will be largely avoided, unless opportunities are very compelling.