Investment PROCESS

At Landmark, we have created a disciplined and rigorous investment process for all proposals, while being keenly responsive to the need for quick action in some critical investments.

The investment process begins with deal sourcing by the Investment Manager through our well-established network with developers, investment bankers and other business contacts, often including direct approach by developers.

After an in-depth analysis of the project, the Investment Manager presents (generally in the form of an investment memorandum) the opportunities to the Investment Committee for consideration. The Committee, exploiting its thorough knowledge of the market, reviews the analysis and recommendation, discusses the investment opportunity, and finally approves or disapproves the proposal. The Team adheres to a disciplined approach at every stage of the process – from sourcing new investment opportunities to making decisions – working with diligence at structuring and negotiating terms for investment. After the investment has been made, it actively collaborates and works with management teams, towards realizing investment liquidity / exit.

Transaction Sourcing

Proprietary deal flow, created through an extensive network with investment banks, developers, brokers and property agents.

Preliminary Discussion

Pre-feasibility study and internal discussions.

Detailed Review

In-depth analysis of the market with an emphasis on catchment area SWOT analysis, Builder/Developer profiling for construction and execution capabilities.

Presentation to Investment Committee

Formulate a detailed proposal for review by the Investment Committee, obtaining their inputs and approval.

Transaction Structuring

Negotiating, preparing and signing the term sheet.

Due Diligence

  • Fundamental and detailed Financial due-diligence conducted by the team/third party.
  • Legal due-diligence conducted by external agencies.

Definitive Agreement Signing

Execution of agreements and security creation.

Proactive Management

  • On an on going basis, reviewing the development and marketing plans of the Developers, providing critical inputs across stages of the project.
  • Continuous monitoring of operations and finances of the Portfolio Company.
  • Monthly reporting and maintenence of MIS.

Managing Exit

Evaluating exit mode and strategy, prioritising feasibility, timing and selection of bankers.

Investment Returns to Investors